Adapting your business in a recovering world

Brought to you by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), this webinar series has been designed to help your business navigate the shifting digital landscape in post-COVID China. 

From mastering your digital strategy and optimising your social media investment, to understanding consumer behaviour and regulatory considerations/compliance, our experts will equip you with the insights and tools you need to adapt and grow your business in this recovering market. 

This webinar series took place between Tuesday 12 May and Tuesday 9 June 2020. 

Past Events

China digital marketing insights for Covid-19 recovery and best predictions for 2021 

This webinar took place on Tuesday 12 May.


Sheng Pang is the CEO at Shanghai-based digital marketing agency Juplus. With China now on the rebound, Sheng will discuss:

  • Adapting your digital marketing strategy from the immediate to the longer term.

  • Developing a strategy that engages Chinese consumers, including tactics that leverage emerging channels such as social commerce 

  • What does the roadmap to recovery look like for China and how NZ businesses should take advantage of the opportunities now and into the future?

  • What are the digital marketing trends and best predictions for 2021? 

China Compliance & Market Access in a Digital World

This webinar took place on Tuesday 2 June. 

In this session, Raymond Ng will help deepen your understanding of brand/distributor/retailer obligations in relation to product claims, advertisement claims and the so-called ‘professional consumer’ band related regulatory considerations.

Raymond's presentation will be followed by a Q&A segment with guest Ricky Yang from K J BAS. 

Raymond's presentation will cover the product categories of food and beverage, health supplements and cosmetics and the topics covered include:

  • Key lessons from cases rejected by New Zealand customs

  • Product compliance (formula & labelling)

  • Advertising, marketing and product claims

  • Understanding ‘professional consumers’ and how to protect your business

  • Customs Credit Management System 

  • CBEC Compliance & E-commerce law

  • Customs Import Procedures

  • Policy updates and trends

  • A case study in China labelling


Raymond Ng, Accestra

Q&A Panel:

Raymond Ng, Accestra

Ricky Yang, K J BAS

Moderator: Damon Paling, NZTE

Consumer behavioural changes resulting from COVID-19

This webinar took place on Tuesday 19 May. 


In this session, Mark Tanner, Managing Director of marketing and research agency CHINA Skinny, will discuss the numerous factors influencing consumer behaviour in China as a result of COVID-19. Mark will discuss:

  • The consumer journey during the outbreak such as emotional state, propaganda themes, daily behaviour, purchase behaviour, products purchased, purchase touch points

  • Resonant messaging and successful brand initiatives for each stage of the journey

  • 'Myth Busting' concerns versus reality/affirmation

  • The opportunities, threats and recommended changes in your go-to-market strategy 

How to grow your revenue through the changing daigou business models – ‘Daigou 2.0’

This webinar took place on Tuesday 9 June.


In this panel discussion, our experts will explore the evolving daigou landscape. Topics include:

  • How daigou has been transformed to become a new business model that requires a different approach and way of thinking from exporters 

  • Market access issues you need to be aware of

  • How to build traffic to your daigou site

  • How to control your brand story and the wholesale/retail price within these new daigou model.


Louie Li, Ctom Group

Vivian Sun, BestL2

Carter Yan, NZHG

Moderator: Mike Arand, NZTE

Optimising return on your social media investment

This webinar took place on Tuesday 26 May. 


Coolio Yang, founder of Coolio Yang Consultant, will discuss: 

  • China’s social media landscape and the key KPIs and metrics for each platform

  • Using social media data for effective content creation that resonates with audiences and drives consumption

  • Measuring brand awareness and return on investment from influencer marketing.


Speakers, Panellists and Moderators

Sheng Pang, CEO, Juplus and Beachhead Advisor, NZTE 


Sheng is CEO of Juplus China, a full-service digital and tech agency focusing on Chinese digital marketing and e-commerce.


He has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing in Europe and China across e-commerce, SEO, SEM, digital media buying and social media marketing, and is a certified Google AdWords and Analytics professional.


Sheng combines extensive digital marketing experience with a deep understanding of the Chinese digital landscape to help businesses to grow and scale in China.

Ricky Yang, Managing Director, K J BAS

Ricky is Founder and Managing Director of KJ BAS Ltd NZ, a leading consulting service provider to several government agencies in New Zealand and China.


He has extensive experience in working with a range of New Zealand businesses on market development work in China, specialising in providing regulatory advice on general trade and cross border e-commerce.


Prior to joining KJ BAS, he worked for SkyOne International Trading Ltd for nine years across a range of roles, including international trading, marketing and brand building.

Mike Arand, China Business Development Advisor, NZTE


Mike has a long and proven experience of identifying and capitalising on global business opportunities.


He recently spent over three years as NZTE Trade Commissioner in Shanghai and prior to that he has conducted business in over 40 countries around the globe and lived and worked in the EU, Japan and China.


He is currently China Business Development Advisor for NZTE based in Auckland and sits on the boards of Artemis Brands and Maven Consulting.

Mark Tanner, Managing Director, China Skinny 

Mark is Founder and Managing Director of marketing and research agency China Skinny. He has provided China-market growth strategies and research to around 200 brands including Nike, Tourism Australia, Colgate, Reckitt Benckiser, IKEA, Woolworths, Coles, SAIC Motors, IHG and a host of New Zealand brands from SMEs to larger exporters.


His views on China have been quoted in more than 200 international media outlets including Bloomberg, Reuters, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and Forbes, where he is a columnist. Tanner authors the most-read newsletter about marketing to China and is a regular keynote speaker addressing audiences around the globe. 

Louie Li, Managing Director and Co-founder, Ctom Group, and Beachhead Advisor, NZTE

Louie is Managing Director and Co-Founder of CGH (Ctom Group Holding Ltd), one of New Zealand's fastest growing companies. CGH manufactures a range of health supplements and skincare products, selling directly to consumers mainly in Asia through multiple e-commerce platforms, such as T-mall, JD and Amazon.


With a decade of director-level experience in China trade (both online and offline), Louie brings the required skills to actively guide businesses who are looking to expand their e-commerce presence in China. He has a passion for actively streamlining every level of a business to ensure that e-commerce output is automated, secure and profitable. 

Damon Paling, Beachhead Advisor, NZTE

Damon has 22 years of consulting and business development experience in East Asia, including 15 years based in Shanghai, China.

Damon worked in the capacity of NZTE Trade Commissioner Shanghai for over three years. His areas of practical China experience for business development include market access, business models, cross-border and domestic e-commerce, distribution, setting up legal entities, etc. 

Prior to NZTE China role, Damon worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), he led a team of customs and international trade consultants to support a portfolio of multi-national companies in enhancing their market, access, maintaining compliance, and resolving disputes with foreign governments.

Coolio Yang, Founder, Coolio Yang Consultant 

With more than 15 years of marketing and advertising experience, Coolio Yang is a digital professional who has gained experience in multiple roles through working inhouse, as a media owner, at an advertising agency, media agency and data/research consultancy. He is well-known by over 40,000 marketing/advertising professionals as an active blogger on WeChat and Facebook.

Before setting up his consulting firm, Coolio Yang worded as the CEO Greater China, Social Media Division of Kantar, and was VP of Ogilvy for China. He began his China agency life as one of the few initiators at IM2.0 (now known as VML). Most of his knowledge in areas of digital was gained then, through providing full digital solutions to famous brands such as PepsiCo and Haier. 

Vivian Sun, Founder and CEO, BestL2

Vivian is the CEO of BestL2, a new type of social commerce platform targeting Chinese consumers. BestL2 was established in October 2019 and achieved a $2 million turnover within the first six months.


Vivian has extensive hands on experience in managing the daigou platform and network   over the years and will share her insights on growing your business through daigou 2.0.

Raymond Ng, Senior Regulatory Manager, Accestra

Raymond is a Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant at Accestra, a compliance consulting service in China.


He has extensive knowledge of Chinese food, cosmetics, feed additives (including pet food), and import and export regulations.


His research specialises in China’s governmental policies, including the changes in Chinese regulations and its impact on international businesses. He has vast insight and practical experience in dealing with Chinese regulatory obligations. 

Carter Yan, Vice President, New Zealand Healthcare Group   

Carter is the Vice President of New Zealand Healthcare Ltd, the leading cross -border e-commerce (CBEC) company in New Zealand, and the founder of Parker&Co Ltd, which focusses on brand management and distribution for a number of New Zealand and Australian brands.


With over four years of experience in the fast growing CBEC market, Carter is skilled in operations management, team leadership and strategic planning.


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