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Advance your digital performance in post-COVID China.

This webinar series will bring you up to speed with new trends and innovative technologies in digital marketing, with an eye to forward planning. It’s intended for companies already using e-commerce platforms to access the Chinese market.


Learn about China’s national agenda and the rise of multi-channel networking (MCN), COVID-19's impact on Chinese consumers’ perceptions of New Zealand, how to make a limited budget work, improve overall business performance and more. Our experts will give you the insights and tools to grow your business in post-pandemic China.


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Webinars take place from Tuesday 11 May to Tuesday 8 June 2021

Webinar Sessions

Coolio Yang, NZTE Beachheads Advisor (1)

Exploring China’s digital transformation

This webinar will take place from 2-3pm NZST on Tuesday 11 May.


NZTE Beachhead Advisor Coolio Yang explains China’s new national agenda and novel trends in the market.

Topics include:

  • The latest digital and tech developments.

  • How they could change the way New Zealand businesses operate in China.

  • Big data, new media, digital currency, and digital transformations.


Attendees will be shown how to incorporate Yang’s insights into medium-term strategic planning for a digital-first world.


Coolio Yang, NZTE Beachheads Advisor


Richard Dunsheath, Trade Commissioner, NZTE Shanghai

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Winning with influencer marketing

This webinar will take place from 2-3pm NZST on Tuesday 1 June. 

Grace Wei, general manager of Duomai, explains the role of multi-channel networks (MCNs). These third-party entities work with influencers and video platforms to promote brands.

Grace will cover:

  • How the fast-growing MCN industry works in China.

  • How MCNs incubate and grow influencers.

  • How brands use MCNs to market their products.

  • Tips and tricks for working with an MCN.

  • New brand-building opportunities available via MCNs in 2021, including official livestream channels on Douyin (the Chinese parent of TikTok).


Grace Wei, General Manager of Duomai



Richard Dunsheath, Trade Commissioner, NZTE Shanghai

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How COVID-19 changed consumer perceptions and behaviour

This webinar will take place from 2-3pm NZST on Tuesday 18 May.


China Skinny founder Mark Tanner shares insights into how COVID-19 has altered the way New Zealand and its products are viewed in China. Mark will compare recent findings with a similar survey conducted 12 months ago.

This session will cover:

  • How Chinese consumer behaviour has changed over the last year.

  • How consumers are responding to New Zealand products in the wake of the pandemic.


Mark will explain why these findings should shape your marketing strategy in China.


Mark Tanner, founder of China Skinny



Andrew White, Trade Commissioner, NZTE Beijing

Coolio Yang, NZTE Beachheads Advisor (2)

How to manage daily operations

This webinar will take place from 2-3pm NZST on Tuesday 8 June.


Speaker Jimmy Yu, general manager of Web2Asia, is joined by panellists Derek Yu of Whittaker's and Carlos Zhao of Douglas Pharmaceuticals, to discuss how businesses can meet operational challenges. They will discuss:


  • The design behind an annual digital marketing plan.

  • Content creation.

  • Budget allocation.

  • Measuring returns on investment (ROI).

  • How to drive daily work efficiency.


Attendees will gain practical perspectives that can be used to shape their daily operations and improve overall business performance.



Jimmy Yu, General Manager of web2asia



Derek Yu, Head of Sales Asia at Whittaker’s

Carlos Zhao, China Market Manager at Douglas Pharmaceuticals



Damon Paling, NZTE Beachhead Advisor


Leveraging digital marketing and technology


This webinar will take place from 2-3pm NZST on Tuesday 25 May.


Tony Yang, President of Tezign, delivers practical insights into the innovative technologies being adopted across China’s digital marketing and e-commerce ecosystems.

Tony will cover:

  • The tools Tezign, a leader in artificial intelligence, offers marketers.

  • Different operation models that rely on AI.

  • Other available innovative technologies, such as Digital Asset Management (DAM).

  • How to maximise the impact of marketing assets and drive brand awareness through content creation.


Attendees can take these concepts into discussions with strategic partners in China, with a view to optimising their digital marketing activities. 


Tony Yang, partner and president of Tezign


Damon Paling, NZTE Beachhead Advisor


Speakers and Panellists

Coolio Yang, NZTE Beachheads Advisor


Coolio Yang is an NZTE Beachhead Advisor with more than 15 years’ marketing and advertising experience. Before setting up his own consulting firm, Coolio Yang & Consultants, he was CEO of Kantar’s Greater China social media division, and vice president of Ogilvy & Mather’s China division.


Coolio began his agency career at IM2.0 Interactive Group, a leading digital marketing agency in China that has since been acquired by VML (now VMLY&Y). There, he cut his teeth providing digital solutions to major brands such as PepsiCo and Haier. Coolio is an active marketing blogger.

Jimmy Yu, General Manager of web2asia

Jimmy Yu is the general manager of Web2Asia, a Chinese digital marketing agency and omnichannel software development company. Jimmy has more than 20 years of international working experience, spanning e-commerce sales, customer relationship management (CRM), and marketing.


As vice president and GM of the overseas business unit of e-commerce solutions provider Netops Technology, Jimmy and his team handled more than NZ$200 million gross merchandise value (GMV) for B2B clients. These clients spanned the FMCG, fashion and electronics industries, and included Friso, Kellogg's, Uniqlo, the 3M Company, and P&G.

Mark Tanner, founder of China Skinny

Mark Tanner is the founder and managing director of Shanghai-based marketing and research agency China Skinny. He has provided growth strategies and research to around 200 brands, including Nike, Tourism Australia, Colgate, Fonterra, Reckitt Benckiser, IKEA, Woolworths, Coles, SAIC Motors and IHG, as well as New Zealand companies of varying sizes.

His views on China have been quoted in major international media outlets such as Bloomberg, Reuters, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. Mark authors a well-read newsletter about marketing to the Chinese market and is a regular keynote speaker on the topic.

Derek Yu, Head of Sales Asia at Whittaker’s

Derek Yu has nine years’ international business experience in the FMCG category. He is currently head of sales for Whittaker’s Asia division, handling strategy development and execution, account management, and key stakeholder communications. Whittaker’s chocolate sells in nine Asian markets, including China.


Before joining Whittaker’s, Derek was Ecostore’s China market manager. He is a University of Auckland graduate with a master's degree in international business and also attended the WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management’s MBA European Summer Programme in Germany.

Tony Yang, partner and president of Tezign

Tony Yang has 16 years’ experience in marketing and internet entrepreneurship. He has served as P&G’s brand manager, PepsiCo’s marketing director, senior vice president of VMLY&R (IM2.0), and chief marketing officer of video-hosting service Youku (a subsidiary of Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group). Tony is known for creating blockbuster content-marketing programs.


He is now president of Tezign, a content-creation, management, generation and optimisation start-up. Tezign has partnered with over 8000 brands, including Alibaba, ByteDance, Unilever, Starbucks, Nestlé, and L'Oréal. Tezign was awarded as TOP.1 in China for The Information 50 startups, Fast Company top 50 of China's best innovative companies, and Forbes High Growth Gazelle.

Carlos Zhao, China Market Manager at Douglas Pharmaceuticals

Carlos Zhao has experience in B2B & B2C marketing, particularly marketing materials design, brand management, sales promotions, project management and social media. He has also delivered and coordinated IT/telecoms projects and provided consulting services to business groups. 

Carlos now works as Douglas Pharmaceuticals’ China Marketing Manager, driving brand awareness and sales in the New Zealand China market. New Zealand’s largest family-owned healthcare company, Douglas exports to 40 countries. Its Clinicians brand was the number 10 New Zealand brand among Chinese cross-border buyers during the 11.11 shopping festival in 2020. 

Grace Wei, General Manager of Duomai

Grace Wei is the general manager of Duomai, a digital marketing company based in Hangzhou. She leads the social strategy team and multi-channel network (MCN) department. Grace holds a postgraduate degree from the University of Melbourne, majoring in global media communications.


Grace has extensive experience with influencer marketing. Duomai owns Shaomai MCN, which is focused on video-sharing platform Bilibili and social media platform RED (Xiaohongshu). RED allows a mainly female audience to share their shopping experiences. Shaomai employs hundreds of influencers and has more than 10 million followers. Shaomai MCN has been nominated as Top 3 MCN on Billibili and Top 30 on the Red.


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